7 Ways To Know You Are Obsessed With The Internet


When you are obsessed with the internet your life is very different from “normal people”.  You will very likely be surfing around the web almost anytime you have a spare minute, or even when you don’t. When you are truly obsessed you may even surf at work, at dinner or with your phone in the middle of a date. Yes, these are all signs of obsession of the internet.

But the list below will resonate more with you:

Heightened Euphoria When Surfing The Web

Do you get a sudden rush of emotion when surfing the internet? Are you actually getting emotionally happy when you find something you’ve searched for? This may be a sign you are obsessed with the internet. Is the internet almost the only thing that gives you a smile on your face? Then this might even be sign on internet addiction!

Increased Surf Time Each Month

Are you spending more and more time online? Does the “It’ll just be second” surfing turn into long hours of obsessive internet usage? If you are spending more and more time online you may be getting more and more obsessed with the internet. Get yourself in order as this can be harmful to your mind.

Raging Because of Lack of Internet

If you are raging about “online games” or posts on reddit, that’s fine. But if you are raging in real life because of the internet, it may be a sign you are little bit too addicted to the online sphere. There is so much out there today, that getting upset about the small stuff when you are not online is just not needed. If you are losing self-control and feeling pissed off, it’s time to check yourself.

Getting Distant From Family

If you are feeling distant from your family or haven’t talked to them in a while, maybe it’s time to get off the net and start interacting with them again. Reports have been made of people being inside their home for weeks without leaving, just eating delivered food and surfing the web/gaming etc.

Loss of Interest in Other Activities

You are getting really out of hand if you aren’t doing anything other than surfing the web and loving it. Haven’t met friends in a while? No roadtrips, dinners etc? Maybe there is a problem here, who knows.

Interference With School or Work

The big indication that you are losing it and may literally be obsessed with the internet, is when you can’t be at work or school without thinking about what to Google next. If you can barely work or function because you are busy thinking of new YouTube sensations, digging through Reddit, news sites, Facebook or Twitter, there’s definitely an obsession that may need to be dealt with.

Restlessness When Away From The Computer

Being restless when away from the internet is also accompanied with COMPUTER/and or SMARTPHONE obsessions. You can barely have a conversation without wanting to open up the latest app on your phone or go browse the web. You are officially obsessed with the internet!

What a lovely thing to like, the internet, but don’t let it go too far!